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My Eye wear collection

My Eye wear collection

Have you ever had such a obsession with glasses, that you buy every glasses in the town all at once ?. I have that obsession. I am pretty much self conscious about what types of eyewear suits me.

Fashion is the most artistic medium there is. Whether you realize it or not, getting dressed is a creative act. You’re defining yourself. Because fashion is so closely tied to identity many are passionate about it. that’s why I always focus on what type of eyewear I should have for each and every event of my career.

I have seven pair of glasses, four of them have prescribed glasses and three are sunglasses. They are not that expensive as you think they are each pair I bought is not more than $50, they are cheap because I am a careless consumer and I have broke many pair of glasses by now.

I know that we wear glasses for protection of our eye  so we can see clearly, I broke my glasses even when I have them on, I used to ride motorcycle in India and as per law over there you should have your helmet on your head every where when you are on a motorcycle or scooter .

The thing with a motorcycle helmet is that you cannot put it on with your glasses are are, so I have to keep the glasses off and put on the helmet, and then put on my glasses but sometimes i used to break it every time.