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The Smart Glasses

The Smart Glasses

Have you ever wondered the glasses we wear can do more, like capturing every moment you see?

Well, there are Snapchat spectacles camera-equipped sunglasses, which you can click the picture, and record videos.


The captured pictures and videos from Spectacles also let you capture the world around you without removing you from that world. And Snapchat Spectacles will let you capture things from a unique perspective. But its capabilities only limits a person to record the video for 10 seconds.

Google Glass

Google in 2013, introduced Google Glass that didn’t sell well, still had a better feature and capability, which people may use in their day to day life. It also featured Google now, Google’s own personal assistance which helps people to know more updates on a small crystal LED screen without looking at any smartphone. The only downside of this project was that, it was scary to look at a person with a big camera straight pointing at you. In short, it was ugly looking but I liked the Google glass version which Casey Neistat, made by mounting the actual device on a wayfarer.

Since there are no perfect smart glasses available in the market right now if someone asked me for my idea for a smart glasses. I would like to refer my idea which is the glasses which Geoff Bell wore in Kingsman: The Secret Service. They are perfect, it doesn’t have an odd bulk sticking out from your head and looks classy too.

The Aviator

The Aviator

Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a style of sunglasses that were developed by Bausch & Lomb. The original Bausch & Lomb design is now marketed as Ray-Ban Aviators, although other manufacturers also produce aviator style sunglasses.

The Aviators named was taken from the United States Aircraft Pilots, as these were initially created for them. The pilots were naturally affected by the intense sun at higher altitudes, as they would land exhausted and stained with no eye protection. Bush & Lomb optical protection manufacturer took the contract from The Army Air Corp with a mission to have sun blocking glasses. The design of aviators by Bausch & Lomb was a classic tear drop shape, which was perfect for covering eyes and giving protection for the eye.

Gloria Steinem

The frame was available to the public in 1942 when Douglas MacArthur, landed on a beach in the Philippines during World War || and a photo of him was snapped by every photographer.

Ray-Ban started commercials on their Aviators promising, that they would give real scientific glare protection.

Iconic figures like Gloria Steinem and Paul McCartney, in the 60s and 70s, started adopting the

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

trend of wearing Aviators. Top Gun featuring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, were wearing Aviators which gave the millennials a perception of what a person from army should wear and look like.

While the Aviators are a good pair for me when I ride a motorcycle or drive a car, as it does the purpose for what it is made for “protection of my eyes.”

The Clubmaster

The Clubmaster

Ray Ban Clubmaster, which is popularly known as Browline glasses. Browline glasses first became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The name derives from the fact that the bold upper part of the frame, frame the lenses in the same way that eyebrows frame the eyes.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

Shuron Ltd. manufactured the Clubmaster glasses in 1947 under the name of Ronsir. The design of Clubmaster glasses is combination of metal and fiber or aluminum, the glasses are fixed in metal frames, which insets into fiber brows and are attached to the earpiece of glasses.

Bruice Wills wearing The Clubmaster

After 20 years Ray-Ban redesigned the bowline glasses into clubmaster by making them lighter and cooler, and also came into four different colour options.

Malcolm x used to wear Browline glasses. The trend began in the mid-2000s but continues to hold firm. The Clubmaster were not popular until Bruice Willis wore them in a hit television series Moonlighting. It went on the third position for popular glasses after Wayfarers and Aviators in 1980s. The trend began in the mid-2000s but continues to hold firm.

The Clubmaster has become a favorite for more casual outings. I own two of the Browline one with prescribed lenses and one with black polarized lenses.

John Lennon glasses

John Lennon glasses

“If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliché that must have been left behind in the 60’s, that’s his problem. Love and peace are eternal.” John Lennon


John Lennon glasses are originally called “round glasses.” The other popular name of John Lennon glasses “teashade” glasses. These glasses are usually a small round glass with a thin wire frame, with mirror tinting or dark tinted prescription sunglasses.


John Lennon with his round glasses collection


In the 1960’s, these glasses were made famous by John Lennon, the Rockstar of “Beatles” made a fashion statement by his unique small round glasses. After a number of decades, these glasses are still in fashion since day one.It was an era of mid 60’s when a unique and creative style of glasses hit the market and became immortal.
Once in 1980, the leader of the Fab Four, encouraged people to make love, not war, was killed, round glasses have become a symbol of peace and the hippie movement. Scandalous musician Ozzy Osbourne,

Ozzy Osbourne with round glasses

who was also partial to round points, counted among the “children of flowers”, of course, will not work, but it should be noted that thanks to his round glasses became more and treasure underground, whose members are called points a la Osborne “Aussie”.


Original glasses of John Lennon which were in auction
Harry Potter

However, those who had childhood in 1990s, “Lennon’s” is not associated with the musicians mentioned above, but rather with the young wizard Harry Potter.

This character belongs to the considerable merit in that round glasses probably great popularity among teenagers, four-eyes, which finally ceased to feel like outsiders.


While round glasses were popular in the 60’s and 70’s, unlike wayfarers introduced at the same time, they’re no longer currently popular, and very few designers make small circular sunglasses these days. The lack of popularity can most likely be attributed to their lack of functionality and the overt association with a counterculture that they developed over the years.



Wayfarer, a person who travels on foot. Ray-Ban introduced Wayfarer in 1952, surrounded by the landscape of womb chairs and Cadillac tail fins.

Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Raymond Stegeman, an eyewear, designer for Ray-Ban, created the Wayfarer. The glasses’ distinctive trapezoidal frame spoke a non-verbal language that hinted at unstable dangerousness, but one nicely tempered by the sturdy arms which, according to the advertising, gave the frames a ‘masculine look.

Wayfarer marked the transition a period of eyewear, with thin metal frames and an era of plastic eyewear. It used new plastic molding technology. Not only James Dean, John F. Kennedy, and Muhammad Ali picked up this iconic shades, everyone wanted a wayfarer for their summertime wardrobe.

Tom Cruise with Wayfarer in Risky Business movie Poster


Ray-Ban signed a $50,000 a year contract to place Ray-Bans in 60 movies and TV-shows, featuring Tom Cruise in Risky Business. This placement saw more than 360,000 pairs of wayfarers sold in that year alone.

Wayfarer has maintained a constant presence. Sure, it’ll fade away for a few years now, but Wayfarer always comes back as strong as ever. While the original design is absolutely timeless, Ray-Ban has recently begun to offer a few updated models for the modern man, including a slimmed down “New Wayfarer” design, round and square versions, as well as a folding option.

Ray-Ban new wayfarer design

But don’t worry, the original Wayfarer is always available, so you can continually keep it classic.

The original Wayfarer is now also available in a leather frame, made in calf leather. Which feels premium.

For next post I am going to write about the John Lennon sunglasses.


My Eye wear collection

My Eye wear collection

Have you ever had such a obsession with glasses, that you buy every glasses in the town all at once ?. I have that obsession. I am pretty much self conscious about what types of eyewear suits me.

Fashion is the most artistic medium there is. Whether you realize it or not, getting dressed is a creative act. You’re defining yourself. Because fashion is so closely tied to identity many are passionate about it. that’s why I always focus on what type of eyewear I should have for each and every event of my career.

I have seven pair of glasses, four of them have prescribed glasses and three are sunglasses. They are not that expensive as you think they are each pair I bought is not more than $50, they are cheap because I am a careless consumer and I have broke many pair of glasses by now.

I know that we wear glasses for protection of our eye  so we can see clearly, I broke my glasses even when I have them on, I used to ride motorcycle in India and as per law over there you should have your helmet on your head every where when you are on a motorcycle or scooter .

The thing with a motorcycle helmet is that you cannot put it on with your glasses are are, so I have to keep the glasses off and put on the helmet, and then put on my glasses but sometimes i used to break it every time.