The Smart Glasses

The Smart Glasses

Have you ever wondered the glasses we wear can do more, like capturing every moment you see?

Well, there are Snapchat spectacles camera-equipped sunglasses, which you can click the picture, and record videos.


The captured pictures and videos from Spectacles also let you capture the world around you without removing you from that world. And Snapchat Spectacles will let you capture things from a unique perspective. But its capabilities only limits a person to record the video for 10 seconds.

Google Glass

Google in 2013, introduced Google Glass that didn’t sell well, still had a better feature and capability, which people may use in their day to day life. It also featured Google now, Google’s own personal assistance which helps people to know more updates on a small crystal LED screen without looking at any smartphone. The only downside of this project was that, it was scary to look at a person with a big camera straight pointing at you. In short, it was ugly looking but I liked the Google glass version which Casey Neistat, made by mounting the actual device on a wayfarer.

Since there are no perfect smart glasses available in the market right now if someone asked me for my idea for a smart glasses. I would like to refer my idea which is the glasses which Geoff Bell wore in Kingsman: The Secret Service. They are perfect, it doesn’t have an odd bulk sticking out from your head and looks classy too.

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